A celebration of Diwali 2018 – The festival of lights as in Sri Lanka

Amila TennakoonDiwali in Sri Lanka Culture and SightsCC BY 2.0

The Hindu festival of Diwali will be celebrated on the 7th of November this year. This festival of lights is held to celebrate the Lord Rama’s defeat of Ravana symbolizing the victory of light over darkness. For those interested in the origins of this festival, visit Sri Lanka the homeland of Ravana and home to over 1.2 million Hindu devotees. Travelling through Sri Lanka is a hassle-free experience where travel companies such as Walkers Tours arrange excursion packages depending on the interest of the traveller.

The celebration takes place over five days where the homes of devotees, buildings, and streets will be illuminated with little clay lamps and strings of bright lights. The final day of the celebration sees the exchange of gifts and sweets between the devotees. Fireworks light up the night sky and the sound of crackers signify this victory.