Abu Dhabi Sets U.S. Tourism Record – Tourism increases in the month of August

A notably increased number of travellers coming in from the USA to Abu Dhabi from the beginning of 2018. Since the popularity of Emirates has grown among holidaymakers, the annual Abu Dhabi Summer Season in August depicts a rise in tourism here. When benchmarked against the previous year, the tourist arrivals have significantly increased.

Image by FritzDaCat, Abu Dhabi Skyline from Marina, CC BY-SA 3.0

Almost 5 million people have stayed in the emirate during this time. These numbers are certainly record-breaking for Abu Dhabi. The amount of guest in hotels like Qasr Al Sarab Desert Resort by Anantara rose by 10.5% in August. Counting in totals, 477,606 travellers were able to engage in various activities such as many an Abu Dhabi desert tour. Moreover, tourists made good use of lavish lodging facilities in Abu Dhabi’s 162 hotels and hotel apartments for the month of August alone. The growth of tourists in the emirate rose in two-digit numbers in August.