Awal Muharram Celebrations

A celebration of the beginning of the Islamic New Year, this year’s Awal Muharram falls on the 25th of October. Marking the beginning of ten days of remembrance for the Prophet Mohammed’s grandson, the martyrdom of Hussein ibn Ali, the festival is deemed to be a sacred one for all Muslims across the globe. While the Sunni Muslims fast and celebrate the day, Shia Muslims consider this as a day of mourning and peace. Some even regard this period as a time for life evaluation and an ideal point to implement changes. Main traditions of the celebration include the preparation of sweet rice, also known as Bubur Asyura to share among friends and family. It is also customary for Muslims to gather in mosques to usher in the New Year. Awal Muharram is celebrated in Malaysia with much fervor and Citadines Uplands Kuching makes for an ideal base for those visiting the region to witness this spectacle.