Bali Expects to Attract more Chinese Tourists this Year – Grab your Passports; it’s time for your Next Vacation

The beautiful island of Bali expects a large influx of tourist from China this year after the visitors to Bali drastically decreased when the Mount Agung erupted last year. China is Bali’s largest inbound market and the Chinese Aviation Authority suspended all flights to Bali in December 2017 until the treats of volcanic eruption cleared. Advising that it is a safe destination to visit, China lifted its travel caution to Bali recently. Those who are planning to holiday in this tropical splendour, be sure to look out for deals offered by your preferred Bali beach resort in Uluwatu the likes of Anantara Uluwatu Bali Resort.

According to a statement made to the Antara news agency by the head of Badung Tourism Agency, they are thankful to the Chinese government for withdrawing the travel warning since the government of Indonesia has convinced them that the tropical nation is a safe place to visit.