Bangkok Street Vendor Earns Michelin Star for Crab Omelettes – Managing the Title is not Easy!

Coyote and Saint on Vimeo, Jay Fai in 2013CC BY 3.0

All the way in Southeast Asia in the city of Bangkok is a certain street vendor whose crab omelettes are simply out of this world! So, Michelin decided to award her a Micheline Star which brings much pride to the holder. The master chef behind the scrumptious omelette, Supinya Junsuta, is now known as the ‘crab omelette queen’, a name suited for crab omelettes that are simply the best! River cruise to Bangkok, perhaps with the likes of Manohra Cruises and make your way to Raan Jay Fai to have your very own!

However, being a holder of the Micheline star is not as easy and rewarding as it appears to be, especially for a street vendor like Supinya Junsuta. The 72-year-old owner stated that the increasing popularity has led to growing queues, not all of them are hungry either, rather, they spend time taking photographs. Instead of a positive impact, this has resulted in the owner spending more on ingredients. Therefore, unfortunately, Jay Fai explained that she would prefer to give up the star.