Cambodia to Celebrate the Independence Day on 9 November 2018 – A Historic Day!

Cambodia Celebrates its 65th independence day on the 9th of November. People around all over the country are getting ready to the prestigious national event. The Independence Day is ceremoniously celebrated with lots of special events every year and it is certainly one of the colourful events celebrated annually in Cambodia. The country was a colony of the French from 1863 and being colonized for around 80 years, the king of Cambodia at that time; Norodom Sihanouk started claiming dependence from the French in 1949, after several years of struggle the country finally became an independent nation on 9th November of 1953. Then onwards the day is ceremoniously celebrated by the nationals of Cambodia. If you are planning to visit Cambodia, this might be the right time! Also, resort properties like Anantara Angkor Resort along with many other luxury hotels in Siem Reap offer exclusive packages to tourists during this period.