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Building A Better Digital Sri Lanka

On the 15th of March, Building a Better Digital Sri Lanka event took place at the Nelum Pokuna Mahinda Rajapaksa Theatre in Colombo. This national conference was followed by a digital workshop that was held on the 16th of March at the Sri Lanka Foundation Institute. Those visiting the island for the conference would find […]

By fritzjames
Date : 17-Mar-2017
Sirasa Motor Show at BMICH – A racing fest

The annual Sirasa Autovision Motor Show commenced from the 17th to the 19th of March 2017. The Motor Show is set to feature various displays of automobiles which attracted a large number of visitors, particularly auto mobile enthusiasts. The display of vehicles featured a dazzling range of vintage cars, 4×4 vehicles, racing cars, vintage and […]

By auburn
Date : 16-Mar-2017
ABEX Expo Exhibition in Maldives – Innovative concepts, creative designs

The exhibition on Architecture and Building in Maldives, ABEX Expo showcases the emerging trends of the latest interior designs and architecture. It also promulgates consistently successful business opportunities for manufacturers and suppliers involved building construction engineering and related products and services by getting wide access to reach tens of thousands of builders and owners attending […]

By caleb
Date : 08-Mar-2017
Thirroul seaside and arts festival – an action packed festival

Thirroul Seaside and Arts Festival is set to take place on 31st March to 2nd April 2017, and is a celebration of the seaside community and its deep love for the arts. The Festival is a not for profit event, and the funds raised will be donated back to the community. In Thirroul, accommodation options […]

By caleb
Date : 22-Feb-2017
Cockerel Fringe Festival 2017 – A Gathering of Fresh Talent

In its first year, the Cockerel Fringe Festival in Sri Lanka gathered a number of talented young authors, poets and skilled artists and provided each of them a platform to showcase their talent. The event also served as a networking platform where artists and writers were able to connect with publishers and producers. The event […]

By caleb
Date : 08-Feb-2017
Sweet Addiction – For Those with a Sweet Tooth

The first ever exhibition which will take place at the Calyx, Sweet Addiction strives to unravel the botanical journey of chocolate until April 2017. The Calyx is a unique and a new addition to the Royal Botanical Garden in Sydney. If you are interested in paying a brief visit to the Sweet Addiction exhibition during […]

By caleb
Date : 24-Jan-2017
The Fairway Galle Literary Festival 2017 – Galle’s biggest tourist attraction

The annual Fairway Galle Literary Festival 2017 opened on 11th January, at the Dutch Galle Fort, with a prestigious mix of local and international invitees and participants attending. The festival featured 110 events covering five days, including the favourite MAS Children’s Programme. Plus, there was a day of free Sinhala Programmes, followed by a Children’s […]

By caleb
Date : 13-Jan-2017
Boom of the Tourism Industry in Bali – The All-In-One Island Destination

Bali has recorded a massive influx of tourists amounting to 4.8 million arrivals in 2016 being its highest over the past years. The massive increase in tourists amounts to nearly 27% more than the statistics of July, 2015. The beautiful capital of Bali in Indonesia offers guests many avenues of fun, frolic and relaxation across […]

By caleb
Date : 15-Dec-2016
Travel Weekly’s best wildlife experiences in the world – Shining a spotlight on the Indian Ocean

UK’s leading publication for the travel sector, Travel Weekly, have released their list of top 6 wildlife destinations in the Indian Ocean. The list was made up of largely island nations and included countries like Sri Lanka, Seychelles and Maldives. Some surprise entries were countries like Mauritius, which is more popularly known for its luxury […]

By caleb
Date : 09-Dec-2016
Expo Maldives – 2016 – investing in the creativity of a nation

The EXPO Maldives 2016 will take place on 17th November 2016. Spanning over 6 days, EXPO Maldives, organised by the Economic Ministry, will provide a stage for inventive Maldivians to present their own creations and wares, which will be marketed along with any original ideas to a wider audience. The atolls are best known for […]

By fritzjames
Date : 30-Nov-2016