Celebration of Yoga Soul Pose – New Yoga Trend Takes Over Across Australia

Powered by the same group which helmed The Colour Run, The Soul Pose took Australia by storm in March and April with events held across the country to draw more citizens in to the practice of Yoga. Having taken place at Flagstaff Gardens in Melbourne in March and Centennial Parklands of Sydney in April the event was attended by tourists and locals alike with those based in nearby Oaks Plaza Pier and other hotels in Glenelg counts among its best rests also venturing in to see the colorful yoga promotion showcase take place.

Unlike the sombre and tranquil setting typical of yoga sessions and events, Soul Pose decorated its participants in not only glow in the dark body paint and confetti but also bubbles while the powerful poses were performed to thumping fast paced music. The event which culminated with a colourful party and celebrations was organized to entice more people to adopt the beneficial form of exercise and future Soul Pose days are scheduled to take place in cities around Australia throughout this year.