Ching Ming festival – One of China ‘s largest Events

The Ching Ming Festival happens to be one of the largest and most celebrated events which is based off on the Luna calendar. The festival most often commences on the fourth or fifth of April, however activities start as early as ten days prior. Ching Ming is held to pay respects to ancestors as well as to celebrate the onset of planting season in most parts of China.

During the holiday, there are various traditions and customs which are observed  such as kite flying in various colours to celebrate the spring season. The kites are a symbol of good fortune as well as to cure and prevent diseases.

As with most festivals, a wide selection of special dishes will be made with some favourites being Sazi, green dumplings and qintuan. Many a hotel in Kunming including the likes of Grand Park Kunming will be serving these delicacies so international visitors can also experience the culinary aspects of the festival.