Christmas Fest 2017 – Spreading the Joy of the Season

Featuring a diverse range of events, shows, exhibits and performances, Christmas Fest 2017 was one of the most colourful festivals to take place last month in Sri Lanka’s commercial capital, Colombo. Held from 20th to 22nd December, this event took place at the popular Arcade, Independence Square, easily accessible from Colombo Court Hotel & Spa and some of the city’s other properties that make up the best hotels in Sri Lanka. Titled “Tourism Fest with the Spirit of Christmas”, this year’s festival featured a wide array of activities, programmes and events including a food festival, fireworks display, Christmas carols and kids entertainment. An initiative that looked to attract both foreign and visitors, the event was organised by the Sri Lanka Tourism Promotion Bureau in partnerships with other tourism organisation. As part of its draw, the festival has a variety of stalls where one could purchase everything from gift items and Christmas decor to footwear and clothing.