Day of Silence, Bali Indonesia – Life in Bali Comes to a Standstill

Bali has a booming tourism industry that caters to millions of travellers on any given day; however, the 28th march is not one of them. The 28th marks Nyepi, a Hindu festival mainly practised in Indonesia, which requires observers to spend the day reflecting on life while being completely silent. For 24-hours, no one works, talks, travels or takes part in any form of entertainment. Resorts around the island, such as the Anantara Uluwatu Bali Resort, for example, a well-known Bali cliff hotel, request foreign travellers to stay within the proprieties, and make special arrangements to reduce the number of staff who work on the day. The observance is taken seriously by everyone, meaning no planes are allowed to fly in or out of the country, no cars are allowed on the road and even local TV providers stop broadcasting.