Disney Halloween Time – Embrace the chilling spirit of Halloween

Image Credit- tOrange.biz, Lamp-pumpkin-for-witch-1383167764 94CC BY 4.0

With haunted jail cells, bloody waltzes and masquerade balls, Halloween is the time in Hong Kong that bubble and churn with horrors. Those who missed the chance to take part in the Halloween party that commenced on 13th September 2018 still have the opportunity to have a fun time with Hongkongers since the party will be held until 31st October 2018 at Hong Kong Disneyland. As the sun sets, Maleficent leads the villains making the whole place full of horror. Tourists staying at many Hong Kong luxury hotels close to the venue, such as The Murray, Hong Kong should definitely be a part of this Halloween celebration in order to have a wonderful Disney Halloween time. Do not miss its amazing highlights like the ‘Villains Night Out! Chapter 3’ and ‘Journey to Halloween Town’.  Hurry up and spare time to visit this wicked Halloween party and dance until your feet hurt!