Hong Kong ranked first in the safest countries to visit – Perfect for Solo Travellers!

Image Credit - skeeze Via Pixabay

Image Credit – skeeze Via Pixabay

The list for the safest country to visit is out – and Hong Kong was ranked as the first! According to the ranking carried out by Backgroundchecks.org, Hong Kong came out on top, followed closely by Singapore, Japan, Spain, United Kingdom and France. Various metrics to determine this result was used including everything from tourism, natural disasters, security and crime rates in the country. The report stated that Hong Kong was a destination in East Asia which was so incredibly safe that a person of any gender can walk safely on the streets regardless of what time of the day or night it was without fear. Solo travellers of any age or nationality who stayed at Park Hotel Hong Kong or any of the other 4 star hotels in Hong Kong in the city, found it convenient and easy to walk to nearest attractions without having to worry about safety concerns.