Major Investment to Galle, in order to increase tourist attractions – More development for the Sri Lankan tourism industry

Image Credit – lapping Via Pixabay

The Sri Lankan tourism sector is on the rise., in order to keep the rise consistent, the government has planned out many projects. The Prime Minister of Sri Lanka, Mr Ranil Wickremesinghe stated that the measures taken by the current government to improve tourism have been working. Investments have been focused on bringing up hotels of high quality in a way that brings in the availability of higher paid jobs in the market.

In Sri Lanka beach destinations such as Unawatuna, hotels like Cantaloupe Hotels already exist to give tourist the best experiences. Projects, though have been more focused on Galle. The Prime Minister also explained that the government is taking an initiative to promote water sports in Galle as well. All this was mentioned at the opening of Le Grande Galle by Asia Leisure which is said to be a Japanese investment.