Manta Ray Survey by Baros Maldives – Unique Underwater Adventures

Shiyam ElkClonerDharavandhoo Thila – Manata Black PearlCC BY-SA 3.0

Providing a unique opportunity to get up close with one of the ocean’s most fascinating creatures, Baros Maldives is giving its guests a chance to join in its manta ray survey and identification project. This survey which takes place at key manta ray dive spots near the resort offers a whole new dimension to diving in Maldives. As part of the survey, divers will look to identify different manta rays with their findings being entered or updated in a scientific database maintained by the Manta Matcher Organisation. Each manta ray has a one-of-a-kind marking on its belly which is similar to the distinctive fingerprints of humans. Those participating in this initiative will take underwater photographs of manta rays and these markings which will then be compared to those that are already in the resort’s own database. Guests who come across a manta ray that is not in this database can even give it a name and sign up for a special adoption scheme as well.