News Blog – China sees winter tourism boom

A winter wonderland!

Ourima, Zitong-sichuan-china, marked as public domain, more details on Wikimedia Commons

Winter is certainly one of the best times to visit china. Amazing attractions in the country including a few regions of the great wall and cities with heritage sites will take on a new manifestation with layers of snow. The views you get during winter here is nothing less than stunning. To back up these statements reports state that the number of visitors who arrived at the country during the winter months has increased by 16 percent comparing with 2017. The winter tourism has also generated revenue of a whopping USD47.9 Billion which is about 330Billion Yuan.  Most of the resort properties and hotels in Sichuan China the likes of Dorsett Grand Chengdu and many other winter destinations also stated that they have received a substantial amount of guests during the months from December till date.