October Golf Month in Australia – Tee-Off in Style Down Under

Travellers heading to Australia this October are in for a treat as the country’s official Golf Month kicks in to gear all throughout this month. Golf ranges and facilities as well as clubs all across Australia will provide great incentives which includes special offers, golf packages and activities to entice tourists and locals alike to tee -off during the annual month devoted to the popular recreational activity.

Visitors based in Oaks Festival Towers or any other hotel in Brisbane City or golf resort in any part of Australia can take advantage of Golf Month by enjoying special rates and golf programs designed to draw more golfers to the country’s pristine courses and golfing greens. Home to a whopping 1500 golf grounds the country is one of the top rated golfing destinations in the world with several courses ranked among the best in the globe. To find out more about the events and programs organized for Golf Month visitors and locals alike can visit the official website at www.golfmonth.com.au.