Phuket Vegetrian Festival –Experiencing an Exotic Culture

phuket vegetarian festival

Joseph Ferris IIIFace Piercing Phuket Vegetarian Festival 24CC BY 2.0

Inviting the devotees to the streets crowded with stalls featuring a range of delicious sweet cakes, noodle soups and other varieties of traditional flavours, the Vegetarian Festival was held amid the bustle of Phuket from the 20th to 28th October 2017. An incredible opportunity to sample the authentic flavours, this traditional festival attracts many locals and tourists visiting Phuket with the vibrantly adorned shrines and temples across the city and other attractive performances.Those based in the nearby Phuket luxury villas in Thailand including options such as Kata Rocks were able to witness this religiously and culturally significant event in Thailand. Primarily a festival to revere the Nine Emperor Gods, the celebration is held on the ninth lunar month of the Chinese calendar. Celebrated mainly by those with a Chinese ancestry, the festival is popular for ritualised mutilation. However, the devotees were advised to tone down the celebrations in order to pay respect to the late King Bhumibol Adulyadej.