Pilgrimage to Sri Pada Season – A mesmerizing journey!


Being one of the tallest mountains in Sri Lanka, Adam’s peak is certainly one of the most striking.  What makes this mountain special is that there is a depression in a rock on the summit, which resembles a foot and has been venerated as a sacred symbol by people of many religions. Buddhists, in particular, embark on pilgrimages annually. the period between December to may marks as the pilgrimage period and this year too many people have already started visiting the site. Not only Buddhists but also tourists and people of other religions alike visit Sri Pada if you plan on visiting the island and have already booked your stay at a property the likes of AVANI Kalutara Resort, during the pilgrimage season you should definitely consider visiting Sri Pada. Travel arrangements can be made from even destinations like Bentota. Restaurants are also available along the way to Sri Pada where you could stop over for a while during your journey.