Ramsar conference begins in Dubai – A conference to save one of the most fragile ecosystems!

Ramsar is a city in Iran where the treaty of conservation and using the world’s wetland sustainably was signed. In honour to the event, the whole convention plan and the treaty was named after the city. Following the initial convention in 1971, a conference commenced annually with environmental leaders and scientists where they will discuss about new ways of conservation and sustainable use of these fragile ecosystems. The Ramsar conference today has become an event of international interest and importance.

image by Raganesh via wikicommons ofAbu Dhabi Skyline from Breakwaters Marina

This year’s the event commenced on the 21st of October in Dubai which is also a country home to a wetland called the Eastern Mangroves. Most the travellers add visiting to this wetland as a must things to do in Abu Dhabi. Though there are many resorts the likes of Eastern Mangroves Hotel & Spa by Anantara located close to the wetland, they take eco-friendly measures to run and not to harm these fragile ecosystems. Many delegates including world leaders, scientists, and environmental activists participated in the event. Reports also state that many important things on wetland conservation were discussed during the event.