Royal Barge Procession – An Unmissable Festival in Bangkok!

LerdsuwaSuphannahongsa-dockedCC BY-SA 3.0

The Chao Phraya River, that normally appears to be a bit polluted, is cleaned up in preparation for the Royal Barge Procession. This is a colourful and interesting festival that draws in travellers staying in nearby Bangkok resorts like the well-known Anantara Riverside Bangkok Resort. The event takes place in the month of November and is a sight worth seeing in when in Thailand.


The event begins with as many as 52 baroquely crafted boats arranged in columns of five on the river. These 52 boats are steered by 2,311 oarsmen from the Royal Navy. The oarsmen roar the boat with complete precision adhering to the commands from the leader on each boat. Along with this smooth sailing technique, the oarsmen begin to chant to a soothing tune. The 4 main Royal boats lead the procession. Watching the thin strips of boats floating across the calm river is truly a majestic sight.