Songkran Festival 2019 – Welcoming Thai New Year with a Splash!

Image credit- TakeawaySongkran 012CC BY-SA 3.0

Thailand is a country which has a rich and vibrant cultural scene! A number of colourful festivals are celebrated throughout the year here with much joy and great splendour. One of such events is the Thai New Year or the Songkran Festival. The festival commences in the month of April and lasts approximately for a week. The festival has several parts and one of the most head-turning aspects of the event is the Water fights. Water being considered one of the most important symbols in Buddhism, it is splashed over the statues of Buddha for good luck, young people bathe in the hands of the elderly people to receive blessings. They subsequently get down to the streets to join water fights. During the New Year celebrations, people also gather as families and enjoy feasts. The festival begins on the 13th of April and if you are planning your vacation at a hotel in Chanthaburi the likes of Chatrium Golf Resort Soidao or any others you could observe the festivities and even take part in it.