Sri Lankan government is keen to boost tourism industry – A boost in the tourism industry


Being a safe haven to intrepid travellers for its mind-blowing natural wonders, timeless temples, mesmeric beaches, rich and accessible wildlife, Sri Lanka has been recognized as the world’s best country to visit. The development of better transportation systems, resorts including many a luxury resort in Sri Lanka the likes of Arie Lagoon, and a growing number of activities were cited as top reasons for selecting this wonderful island nation as the premier tourist destination. The present government of Sri Lanka has taken numerous steps to develop the tourism industry in Sri Lanka. To that end, several initiatives have been taken to introduce a more friendly tax structure for hoteliers across the country. Moving beyond from the tagline “the wonder of Asia”, Sri Lanka has created its new brand identity for tourism called ‘So Sri Lanka’ evoking freshness, authenticity, and absolute simplicity.