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Sinhala and Tamil New Year Celebrations in Sri Lanka – The dawn of a new year

Celebrate the New Year with Sri Lanka on April 13th and 14th; the dawn of the Sinhala and Tamil New Year. The annual celebrations are met with traditional festivities that begin at a certain auspicious time that is set by Buddhist and Hindu astrologers. The rituals to mark the New Year’s Day comprises of first […]

By auburn
Date : 17-Mar-2017
The Spectacular Duruthu Maha Perahera of Kelani Temple – Celebrating the first ‘Poya’ day of the year

According to the Buddhist religious calendar in Sri Lanka, every full moon of the month or ‘poya day’, marks a significant event in the Buddha’s lifetime. The first full moon of the year, known as Duruthu Poya, celebrates the arrival of the Buddha to the country and is marked with a procession known as the […]

By caleb
Date : 24-Jan-2017
Duruthu Perahera in Kelaniya – An age old celebration full of vibrancy and the beat of drums

As the slightly chilly month of January eases into its second week, the Kelaniya Temple in Western Sri Lanka begins preparations for its annual pageant called the Duruthu Perahera. A composition of three separate processions each as vibrant and awe-inspiring as the other, the Duruthu Perahera is a religious celebration featuring colourful aspects of Sri […]

By caleb
Date : 21-Jan-2017
Detroit Connection “The Launch” – Spreading Love Through Music

With the growing love for techno music in Colombo’s party scene, ULTRA got together recently on the 10th of December 2016 at the Grand Unasewana in Kaduwela to give patrons a milestone event in Sri Lankan techno culture. For years now, the local party scene has been buzzing with tourists flying down yearly, looking for […]

By caleb
Date : 18-Jan-2017
Now You Can Book Your Tour, Hotels, Excursions and Transfers Directly from Walkers Tours Site

Booking a holiday to the resplendent island of Sri Lanka is no hard feat if you decide to go with Walkers Tours, which offers you the option of selecting your tour type, hotel preferences, preferred modes of transport and excursion with a few clicks. If there is an island on planet earth that offers a […]

By roland
Date : 28-Dec-2016
Jewels 2016 – Gem and Jewellery Exhibition & Competition of Sri Lanka – A Dazzling Event

The Jewels 2016 Gem & Jewellery Exhibition and Competition of Sri Lanka took place over three days from the 16th to the 18th of December, just last year. Its main aim was to increase awareness about the jewellery and gem industry in the country. It was aimed at companies from across the industry’s supply chain. […]

By caleb
Date : 22-Dec-2016
US working with Sri Lanka to boost trade and tourism – Promoting South Asian Connections

The Deputy Assistant Secretary of the South and Central Asian Affairs, Manpreet Singh Anand, recently announced that the United States will be working closely with the Sri Lankan government in order to promote the island nation’s trade and tourism. He went on to state that a closer eye will be kept specifically on the areas […]

By laviniawoolf
Date : 14-Dec-2016
Whale Watching Season in Sri Lanka – Discovering Marine Mammals

A much loved activity among many tourists around the world is whale and dolphin watching. Sri Lanka being amongst the more preferred tropical destinations doesn’t fail to please. The island-nation offers beautiful beaches, captivating wildlife, cultural delights and so much more. Since of late, there has been a big demand for whale and dolphin tours […]

By caleb
Date : 11-Dec-2016
Sri Lanka to host Under-19 Asia Cup in December – Bringing Forth the Youth

Sri Lanka Cricket has officially announced that Sri Lanka will be hosting the Under-19 Asia Cup set to take place from December 8th-22nd 2016. Details of the tournament’s schedule are in the process of being discussed and confirmed. The executive committee of the Cricket Board met in September to discuss the venues to be utilized. […]

By laviniawoolf
Date : 10-Dec-2016
International Conference On Journalism at Colombo – Encouraging Development in Communication

Organized by the Global Academic Research Institute, the International Conference on Journalism was held on the 2nd December 2016. The conference aimed to create a platform for not just journalists, but also professors, academics, researchers and many more individuals from different professions to be able to display and share their knowledge on the specific topics up […]

By caleb
Date : 06-Dec-2016