The Maldives Aims For Record-Breaking Tourism Performance – Much Expected in 2019

In a report published at the beginning of the year by online travel news source,, it was brought to light that the country’s new government is expecting a record-breaking performance from the tourism industry. This mirrored what took place at the Maldives Guesthouse Symposium which brought together government ministers, respective officials and representatives from local guesthouses.

Taj Hotels, Resorts and Palaces, Rehendi Suite Deck (Service), CC BY-SA 3.0

The symposium put the spotlight on the need for sustainable development in the burgeoning guesthouse sector along with the commitment of the government to help deal with the challenges faced. In a positive move, the government has also pledged to increase spending on tourism promotion in 2019. The tourism sector is hugely vital to the country’s economy and many islands have been leased to local and international resorts the likes of Kandolhu Maldives. While these luxurious island resorts offer everything from Maldives restaurants to holistic spas, there is a current trend for travellers to search for budget guesthouses too.