The Maldives set an example of sustainable seafood value chains – taking measure to reduce the effects of overfishing

Image Credit – Quangpraha Via Pixabay

Fishing is one of the main industries that contribute to the Maldivian economy and has been so in the past as well. The worldwide consumption of fish increased by significant amounts from the year 1973. With this came the high increase in overfishing too (an increase from 7% to 33%). The Maldives intends to be an example to the world and so their fisherman uses a unique method of fishing called ‘pole and line’ which allows a fisherman to catch only one fish at a time.

This technique of fishing has greatly reduced overfishing and destruction caused to the underwater environment. The Maldives has much more planned with respect to protecting the surrounding aquatic life and aims to do so with the help of external organizations as well. Once the underwater ecosystem has been restored, it will boost Maldives diving. A resort that encourages diving, such as, Velassaru Maldives will encourage tourist view the much healthier reefs and fish in the future.