The Poson Festival – Celebrating the arrival of Buddhism in Sri Lanka

Buddhists in Sri Lanka celebrated the Poson Festival recently with much devotion. The Poson Full Moon Poya marks the arrival of Buddhism to Sri Lanka in 247 BC. Hence, is one of the most important of Buddhist events celebrated in the country. Though celebrations are held across the island, one of the most extravagant of these takes place in Mihintale which was where the historic event took place. Mihintale is an amazing heritage sites in Anuradhapura. Its best recommended to visit this city during your Sri Lanka tours as it holds a number of wonders. Talk to a reputed tour agent such a Connaissance de Ceylan to plan your visit here.

As part of the Poson celebrations, pilgrims would visit the temple to offer prayers and flowers to Lord Buddha. Alms giving stalls are also part of the festivities.

The Poson Poya took place on the 7th of June this year.