Top Places to Visit in Perth and Western Australia – The Best of WA!

Located in Western Australia, Perth is a rather quiet city in comparison to those on the other side of the country. However, nestled within its borders is a myriad of natural & cultural treasures.

Swan River

Adorning Perth with its characteristic beauty, the Swan River is iconic to the city and is both an ornament to the city’s landscape and home to a world of bird and fish species. This river meanders through the city of Perth all the way up to the Port of Fremantle and is one of the most picturesque features of the city especially during sunrise and sunset. The stunning Swan River criss-crosses its way through most areas in the city, giving Perth a breathtaking backdrop. With a length of over 50 kilometres in Perth alone, the banks of this river is popularly used for activities such as jogging and cycling; hence tracks have been designed that run along the waterway where health enthusiasts can cycle, jog or walk to their hearts content. Yet another highlight of the Swan River is the architectural wonders exhibited by the many bridges that are constructed crossing the river’s expanse. The Causeway Bridge and the Goongoongup Bridge are two popular names found in Perth. Flaunting spectacular water conditions, the Swan River makes a great place to go fishing, sailing, windsurfing and kayaking. Many a luxury accommodation, Perth has to offer can be found within easy reach of the Swan River. COMO The Treasury, Perth is one such option.

Malls and Shopping Arcades

Just like many other regions around Australia, Perth is no different when it comes to shopping. Shopping is in fact a highlight of a visit to Perth and several malls and arcades are found dotted around the city’s expanse. The biggest streets in the heart of Central Perth are St George’s Terrace, Murray Street, Wellington Street and Hay Street and two of these streets alone are good enough to quench the desires of the ardent shopper. The Hay Street and Murray Street Malls are two parallel pedestrian shopping malls where some of the best deals in the city can be found. Cool, comfortable and stylishly designed, these malls offer everything from a comfortable shopping experience to scrumptious food, entertainment and of course sales, bargain and offers on your favourite items year round. The malls have a plethora of variety when it comes to shops and cafes and this only adds to the several covered shopping arcades that stretch across the other major streets in the area. The Piccadilly Arcade is one such destination which offers a plentiful variety for those looking for electronics, books and magazines and similarly the Victorian looking Trinity Arcade serves the ardent shopper with its several levels of fashion stores, antiques, cafes and plenty more. For more shopping in Perth head over to Allendale Arcade, Enex100, Carillon City Arcade and the Forrest Chase Shopping areas where many more retail outlets can be found.

London Court

If you would like to enjoy a glimpse of London city within Perth itself head over to the London Court where in a jiffy you will be transported to a place more ‘British!’ Located on Hay Street, the London Court has a mighty clock tower that chimes every quarter of an hour with mechanized knights moving around in the castle. This is only in one end of the court for at the other end there is yet another clock tower which is just as fascinating. The London Court shopping arcade is situated in between Hay Street and St Georges Terrace and is designed in an open-roof style and displays England’s architectural facade from the historic Tudor as well as the Elizabethan eras. Shops border the London Court arcade on both sides, selling everything from souvenirs, contemporary-style clothing to fashion accessories.

Perth Zoo

If you are visiting Perth with the family, stopping over at the Perth Zoo is one activity that you must not miss out on. Established in the year 1898, the Perth Zoo is historic and still happens to be one of the biggest attractions in the city. Home to over one thousand animals that range from Australian native animals to exotic non-native species, the zoo is an animal enthusiast’s paradise. In addition to housing a wide range of inhabitants, the zoo also takes part in breeding endangered animals under conservation programmes.