Top Trending Destinations for Canadians in 2018 – It’s Time for your Next Holiday

The 2018 Kayak Travel Forecast, Cartagena in Colombia has emerged as the most trending destination for Canadians in 2018. Maldives is another standout country for Canadians with flight fairs down 31% from the previous year. It’s the best time for you to take your loved ones on a vacation to this tropical island. When it comes to holidaying in Maldives, as a rule of thumb, those who are planning to visit should reserve their stay at family hotels in Maldives the likes of Niyama Private Islands Maldives in advance.

Some of the other destinations trending among Canadians travellers are; Phuket, Thailand – searches up 50 %, Casablanca, Morocco – searches up 51%, Bali, Indonesia – searches up 46%, Osaka, Japan – searches up 49%, Kahului, Hawaii – searches up 36%, Faro, Portugal – searches up 38%, Jacksonville and Florida – searches up 38%.