Tourism Laos to launch ‘Inspiring Laos’ digital travel inspiration platform – A boost in Laos tourism!

Foreseeing the potential to boost tourism in Laos, the Mekong Tourism Coordinating Office together with the Ministry of Information, Culture, and Tourism of Lao PDR launched a social commerce web platform recently. The key objective of this initiative is to inspire tourism across all regions of Lao PDR. ‘Inspiring Laos’ is an end result of a six-month working partnership between Tourism Laos and the MTCO. The digital technology utilized in this system enables travellers to share their visual experiences on any social media platform including Twitter, Printerest, and Instagram by tagging videos and photos with hashtags in Laos. This new platform will be immensely helpful for different groups of tourists to plan their trip in Laos based on the content posted by fellow travellers. Moreover, one can get to know less popular areas as well as popular cities, attractions, resorts and many a leading boutique hotel in Luang Prabang the likes of AVANI+ Luang Prabang.