Trooping of the Colours – A Ceremony not to be Missed!

Much like the Trooping of Colours ceremony held in Britain, in Thailand, the Royal Forces gather at the Royal Plaza with their puffy plume hats to greet the King in all their glory. This event is a favourite among locals to the extent that they arrive at mid-afternoon to reserve their seats to spectate the event. Foreigners too from Anantara Rasananda Koh Phangan Villas and many a Koh Phangan beach villa close by make sure not to miss it!

The Trooping of Colours in Thailand takes place on the 5th of December each year. This is just a few days before HM the King’s birthday. The Royal Plaza is a sea of red, black and a whole lot of vibrant colours on this day. Each troop dressed according to their relevant regime will take part in the march past the Royal Family with a respectful stance as they move along.