Vietnamese and Chinese Lunar New Year – The Sacred Tet festival

The Vietnamese and Chinese Lunar New Year or Tet is held between late January and early February each year depending on the lunar calendar. An incredible opportunity to experience the Vietnamese traditions, this festival attracts many locals and tourists visiting Vietnam with its exhilarating festivities. Those based in Vietnam be it in a hotel or a Hoi An luxury resort the likes of Anantara Hoi An Resort are able to witness this culturally significant event in Vietnam.

An eventful and exciting three-day affair, the festival is also an opportunity for the household genies to gather. Tet is also considered as a chance to invite the deceased ancestors back to the families for reunions as the rest of the descendants organize the Tet celebrations for the family. Celebrated throughout the nation, the Vietnamese and Chinese Lunar New Year is a great opportunity to sample a range of traditional dishes and take delight in its many decorations.