Wonderful Indonesia Thrilling Destinations Join World Cup 2018 in Russia – The Glory of Indonesia Taken to the World Stage!

Even though Indonesia didn’t participate in the FIFA World Cup 2018, the glory of the scenic nation was showcased amid large crowds of football fans in Russia. This was done as part of making more people know and make them visit Indonesia. Now you may be curious to know how did the tourism authority pulled this off, the answer is they used two large open Buses along with many digital billboards which carried the brand of ‘Wonderful Indonesia’ and images of stunning sceneries that are only to be witnessed in Indonesia. The banners were put up on the streets of the Russian capital of Moscow. The buses were utilized to grab more people’s attention with the images that were printed on the body. The magical beauty of the nation along with some of the images of Bali resorts the likes of Anantara Uluwatu Bali Resort were also showcased in the digital banners and on the buses.