Expressway being constructed in Kandy – On the road to completion

The Kandy Expressway Project has been a long-awaited infrastructure solution by locals and is not scheduled to be completed by 2020 as stated by the Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe. This statement was made at the opening ceremony of the newly set up police station in Mawathagama last September. He also mentioned that the four phases for the completion of this expressway are currently in progress.

The project was initiated during the regime of the previous government; however, sufficient funds had not been allocated to move forward. Now, the stagnant project has been restarted and money pumped in to make it a success. The four phases have been undertaking by four different companies for construction. Once completed, the Kandy Expressway will prove to be beneficial even in tourism as it makes places like Earl’s Regency along with other Kandy hotels easily accessible.