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Tunisia’s Tourism Industry Anticipates to Experience a Boost with $97 Million in Investment for Third Quarter

With the investment climate of Tunisia witnessing exponential growth, the country is anticipating the receipt of at least $97 million in the third quarter of…

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka Ranked one of the Safest Nations in the World to Travel

According to the well- known online travel community platform, Sri Lanka has emerged among the top 13 safest countries in the world to travel….

Phi Phi Island

Thailand’s Borders Fully Reopened

The month of October became a victorious one for Thailand as the country’s borders fully reopened for visitors. While like all other nations, Thailand too…


Mauritius Secures three Prestigious Awards at the 2022 World Travel Awards for the Indian Ocean

Mauritius, a tropical paradise tucked away in the Indian Ocean, recently won 3 prestigious awards at the 2022 World Travel Awards for the Indian Ocean….


3rd International Conference on Innovation Trends in Business Studies, Management, Entrepreneurship and Economics Research – A Multidisciplinary Studies Gathering

The 3rd international conference on innovation trends in business, management, entrepreneurship, and economics will be held on the 21st and 22nd of February 2023 in Malé, Maldives. The…


Sri Lanka Decides to Establish Tourist Zones to Lure Oversea Travellers

Sri Lanka recently took initiative to establish tourist zones in a bid to anticipate more international travel in the months to come. A decision was…


Maldives Marine Expo 2023 – The Longest-Running Marine Exhibition in the World

The Maldives Marine Expo gives extensive knowledge and insights into several aspects of the industry with interesting displays, exhibits, panel discussions, networking sessions and workshops….


Sustainability Makes Its Way to the Kitchen in the Maldives

Sustainability makes its way to Maldivian kitchens as their chefs take a stand to assist the country’s mission of implementing best practices in the tourism…

maldives floating city

The World’s First Floating City Comes to the Maldives

The Maldives is set to introduce a new home to accommodate a massive number of 20,000 people in a floating city, which has already commenced…

China’s Borders Reopen as Quarantine will No Longer be Required

China says goodbye to the quarantine requirement, opening its borders to travelers, which is positive news for apartments in Ningbo and other regions in the country….