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Oman Air – Leading the World in On-time Performance  

In the top 10 ranking for ‘Global Airlines,’ Qatar Airways secured the third position with an on-time arrival rate of 85.11%. Saudia claimed the ninth spot with 81.29% of flights arriving punctually. Colombia’s Avianca clinched the top position with an impressive on-time performance of 86.73%.

Surpassing all others, Oman Air emerged as the world’s best-performing airline with an exceptional on-time performance rate of 92.3% as rated by guests at hotels in Muscat Oman the likes of Al Falaj Hotel who flew the airline.

In the category of Global Airports, Qatar’s Hamad International Airport claimed the ninth position, while in the Large Airports category, it secured the tenth spot. Minneapolis St. Paul International Airport in the USA was recognized as the top global hub, along with Rajiv Gandhi International Airport in Hyderabad.