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Sri Lanka is partially open for tourism – Ensuring safety!

Sri Lanka decided to open its borders to foreign travellers in 2021. Visitors from most countries were allowed to visit Sri Lanka under a particular…

Sri Lanka is on the path to achieving affordable and clean energy by 2030 – Building a sustainable nation!

Affordable and Clean Energy comes as Sustainable Development Goal No.07 and, Sri Lanka has been working towards achieving this goal for a considerable time now….

Tri-Zen Residential Development on Track – Project to be Completed in 2023

Despite the challenges faced by the COVID-19 pandemic, the TRI-ZEN residential development project by John Keells Properties is on track; this was reported on the EconomyNext news…

Building works begin on the new plaza in Glenelg – Making the city even more wonderful

The Jetty Road in Glenelg currently undergoes a redevelopment project, and the same project will also cover the upgrades of Chapel Street and Hindmarsh Lane….

A floating city in the Maldives – New initiatives to fight the climate change impacts

The Maldives which is considered the lowest-lying country in the world is popular among the tourist community as a tropical holiday destination. Every beach villa in…

A new bridge across Zambezi River links Botswana, Zambia – Facilitating trade and tourism

Zambia and Botswana started the construction of a bridge connecting the two countries back in 2014, and it saw its completion stage recently in 2021….

Sri Lanka Keeps Borders Open for Tourists – Hopes That Arrivals Will Increase

A popular tourist destination, Sri Lanka has seen growing arrival numbers following the reopening of its borders. There have been several updates to the stringent…

The Maldives is building a floating city to fight the impact of climate change – New ideas for a better future

The Maldives, the lowest-lying nation in the world has been facing the threat of rising sea levels for years, and coastal erosion is also not…

The First Auction of Private Islands in the World – Unique Opportunities in the Maldives

Investors were given the chance to place bids at what was the first auction of private islands in the world held in the Maldives in…

Nikini Full Moon Poya Day This Month – A Holy Day for Buddhists in Sri Lanka

A day with much meaning for Buddhists in Sri Lanka, Nikini Full Moon Poya falls on 22nd August 2021. This is the second full moon…