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Poson Full Moon Poya Day – A Celebration of the Arrival of Buddhism in Sri Lanka

The 14th of June 2022 marked a significant date for the Sri Lankan Buddhist calendar, as devotees across the country celebrated Poson Poya. Most worshippers attend…

Fully Vaccinated Visitors Can Enter Thailand Without Hassle from May 2022

With effect from May 2022, Thailand has taken measures to ease its COVID-19 restrictions as tourism faced a downturn in numbers due to the pandemic….

Resurgence in Domestic Tourism in China

With outbound travel not having taken off yet in China following the pandemic due to strict restrictions, the country is seeing a resurgence in domestic…

Thailand City

Thailand’s Borders Are Fully Reopened – Thailand Pass Registration Also Simplified

While Thailand has fully reopened its borders, the country has also been updating its entry protocols with restrictions being relaxed too. Amongst the changes that…


Thailand ends mandatory quarantine for vaccinated visitors – Easing travel to Thailand

Are you fully vaccinated against COVID-19 and are wondering if travelling to Thailand will be easy, don’t think twice because the country has lowered their…


Kandy Esala Perahera to be Held in Sri Lanka – Witness A Key Cultural Festival

The Kandy Esala Perahera is an upcoming annual event which will take place on the island of Sri Lanka. This enchanting cultural and religious festival…


Choosing the Right Time to Visit Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka, the 25th largest island in the world is ringed by a palm-fringed coastline and tropical air, welcoming a large number of globetrotters every year….

Cuba Boosts Eco-Tourism at Island Keys – Explore the natural side of Cuba

Beautiful Cuba is blessed with fine beaches of powdery sand and waves gently crashing against its shores. The greenery here is lush and the island…

Bangkok Thailand

Quarantine-Free Travel for Visitors to Thailand – Entry Requirements Updated Too

Making it even easier to travel to Thailand, the country did away with the prior requirements of on arrival COVID-19 testing and quarantine for fully…

The Maldives Continues To Be A Fan-Favourite

According to data compiled by Cred; an Indian fintech company, the Maldives is the most preferred holiday destination amongst international travellers during the first quarter…