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75th National Day of Sri Lanka

Celebrating the country’s resilience

Sri Lanka marked its 75th Independence Day on 4th February 2023 with great pride, optimism and hope for the future. The celebrations were held under the theme “Namo Namo Matha – A Big Step Towards a Century” and were attended by several distinguished guests, including foreign dignitaries, military officers, and government officials. Celebrations took place at Galle Face this year.

The highlight of the day was the grand parade featuring members of the Sri Lankan armed forces and police, who showcased their military might, cultural dances and other performances.

The celebrations also included cultural events and religious ceremonies. For those who were on their travel to Sri Lanka and staying at apartments in Colombo, this was an amazing balcony view to behold. For more details on Sri Lanka’s Independence Day, check out websites like Truly Sri Lanka.