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Japan to Launch Digital Nomad Visas in March – Initiative Offers Stays for Up to 6 Months

The Land of the Rising Sun is embracing a new era of remote work with the introduction of its Digital Nomad Visa Programme. Slated to launch in late March 2024, it caters to a growing trend, allowing eligible international individuals to work remotely in Japan for up to six months per year. This exciting initiative on offer for travellers from nearly 50 countries and territories including Australia, Singapore, and USA, opens doors for skilled professionals seeking a dynamic and culturally enriching work environment.

According to the Immigration Services Agency, to be eligible for this visa, individuals must have an annual income of at least $68,300 and private health insurance as well. Under this programme, spouses and children will also be allowed to stay, while one has the freedom to work anywhere in Japan. This will give digital nomads the chance to truly experience the best of this destination including the country’s ancient capital, Kyoto. Hotels located in the city centre such as Park Hotel Kyoto near UNESCO World Heritage Sites like Nijō Castle provide an ideal base for such travellers to stay, work, explore and experience a rich culture and heritage.