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Russian Tourists Travel to Thailand – Visitors between continents expand

Thailand has seen a drastic increase in visitors from Russia following the invasion of Ukraine, as Russian nationals are finding it increasingly more difficult to find entry in European countries. The entry numbers have increased by 1000%, recording a staggering 791,574 entrants between the period of January and June. Additionally, half of all total villas in the luxury destination of Phuket were then occupied by Russian nationals as well – further hinting to the traffic of the leisure industry being attributed to these specific people.

This coincides with the Russian FSB’s statistics on increased outbound travel from the country this year, marking Turkey, Thailand, and the UAE among the most visited destinations –  while foreign minister Sergei Lavrov remarks on Asia’s importance considering current geopolitics. Holiday resorts in Phi Phi such as the SAii Phi Phi Island Village were found to be very popular, and can continue to expect visitors from Russia as time past