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Sinhala and Tamil New Year Sri Lanka – Witness the vibrant culture of Sri Lanka

The rich culture of Sri Lanka is one reason that attracts tourists. Through religious events and cultural festivals, Sri Lankans keep their culture alive. If you want to witness Sri Lankan culture in its full-blown splendour, you should visit the country in April.

The 1st of January is the beginning of the new year all over the world – it is the same in Sri Lanka. However, according to Sinhala and Tamil heritage, Sinhala and Tamil New Year that falls on the 14th of April marks the beginning of the new year. The festival celebrates the shifting of the sun from the House of Pieces to the House of Aries. The new year is celebrated from the 13th of April to the 14th of April. Sweets, firecrackers, new clothes, and visiting religious places are symbolic of the celebration. Planning to travel to Kandy during April? You are in for a pleasant surprise replete with festivities. For more information regarding the festivities, check out Kandy Escapes or get in touch with a tour agent.