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The PV Expo Koto-City 2024 – Engaging with the global Photovoltaic industry 

The PV Expo in Tokyo stands out as one of the premier B2B trade shows within the global photovoltaic industry. This event, to be held in the latter stages of February, serves as a valuable entry point for companies looking to tap into the markets of Japan and Asia. Coordinated alongside the PV System Expo, the exhibition showcases a diverse array of products, materials, and production equipment pertinent to the industry – and also provides the opportunity for any interested parties in industries like hospitality and real estate – for example, serviced apartments in Shinjuku such as the likes of the Citadines Shinjuku Tokyo, to consider replacing their facilities with the latest equipment.

Held in conjunction with the PV System Expo, exhibitors present a wide range of products and equipment. The event not only facilitates knowledge exchange and exploration of cutting-edge technologies but also serves as an excellent platform for networking. Recognized for its scale and significance, the PV Expo in Tokyo plays a pivotal role in fostering international collaborations and facilitating business growth in this dynamic field. Visitors can engage with colleagues, share insights, and establish new business contacts, further contributing to the vibrant and collaborative atmosphere of the photovoltaic industry.