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Tourist Arrival to Sri Lanka: Target of 2.5Mn in 2024 

Sri Lanka’s Minister of Foreign Affairs, Ali Sabry, has expressed optimism for the tourism industry, projecting that 2024 will see a historic high in tourist arrivals, potentially surpassing 2.5 million visitors. This optimistic forecast is based on a significant increase in tourist arrivals in the first two months of the year compared to the same period in 2023.

Minister Sabry believes this upward trend indicates that the 2.5 million target is readily achievable, potentially marking a pivotal moment for Sri Lanka’s tourism sector. Following a difficult 4 years in the country, it is safe to say the country is slowly but surely getting back on its feet, and the rise in tourist arrivals is a good indicator of it. Tourists can travel to Sri Lanka and backpack their way through the country, with informative blogs from Truly Sri Lanka acting as a guide to the best places to visit in the country, of which there are many.