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A Hopeful Future for Bali’s Reefs – Good deeds, good hopes

The whole world is talking keenly about the dangerous threats faced by the coral reefs and saving them for future generations, but they very rarely do something to put their words into action. Bali is one of the few islands in the world that actually cares about this matter seriously, and this is why they launched the Buleleng Bali Dive Festival back in 2014 as one of their first initiatives.

Bali now has groups of local dive guides known as the Organisasi Dive Guide Tulamben to gift amazing diving experiences for all interested travellers. You may get their ‘edutainment’ service if you opt for a diving session during your stay at resorts such as Nirjhara. Diving is indeed one of the most famous things to do in Tabanan among exquisite travellers nowadays, and it should also be noted that all the money you spend on these diving trips will be shared among the local communities.