A-Ma Festival

A-Ma Festival is a very significant religious and spiritual ceremony that is held annually to appease A-Ma, the patron goddess of fisherman in Macau and in all China also known as Tin Hau in Hong Kong. She is highly revered and worshiped by the local fisher folk community and the general masses in common for her special powers and abilities known to prevent shipwrecks that are common among fishermen going to see for days and weeks for fishing. They believe that through regular and consistent devotions and paying homage to her, their loved ones that go daily on fishing in the deep seas will be saved from accidents and hazardous perils by storms and unknown calamities encountered in the middle of the ocean. The birthday of goddess A-Ma is celebrated in grand style and ceremoniously each year, where all her devotees gather together at the main A-Ma temple situated in the inner harbor area, bringing offerings of food and drink to help ensure good luck and blessings from this patron goddess of the sea. For those visiting China to participate or observe this fascinating religious festival, Galaxy Macau Hotel Resort is an ideal choice to stay during the festive time as aMacau hotel that provides luxury and convenient accommodation options.