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Adding Oman to Your Bucket List Destination in 2022

The secret Arabian gem of Oman is known to be a place of new discoveries every day, especially for tourists seeking adventure, culture and a hint of history engraved in the country’s fabric. The vision Oman holds for its tourism industry is rather bright and comes as good news for hotels in Muscat and other areas of the country. Oman carries an ambitious vision for the year 2040, aiming to attract 11 million tourists to hotels like Avani Muscat Hotel, every year.

Oman was also rated among the top ten countries to visit in 2022 by Lonely Planet. Stealing the 7th spot in the list, the country offers natural beauty and cultural charm to its travellers. Its mountains, desert dunes and coastline, together with the perfect blend of modern and traditional Arabia are what make Oman stand out among other countries.