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African Tourism Ministers Discuss Tourism – Expanding Travel Opportunities in The Continent

During the WTTC Global Summit in Rwanda, African Ministers of Tourism from Kenya and South Africa emphasised the crucial role of enhanced connectivity and visa liberalisation in promoting intra-African travel. The panel discussion, titled “Clearing the Pathway,” stressed the significance of easing travel for African citizens and highlighted the advantages of implementing a visa-free regime within the continent. The ministers underscored the need for collaborative efforts between governments and the private sector to facilitate policies around connectivity, acknowledging that the promotion of intra-African travel requires a joint approach.

In addition to discussions on connectivity, Kenya unveiled plans for a new marketing and promotion campaign, centring on its identity as the “Cradle of Humankind.” Notably, the country’s tourism industry has demonstrated resilience post-COVID-19, with optimistic projections of achieving a record-high hotel occupancy rate of at least 90%. This may be due in part to the wildlife safaris in Kenya, facilitated by businesses such as SkySafari.