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Ambitious Plans Underway for SL: Aims to Become a ‘Happening’ Tourist Destination

Sri Lanka’s tourism industry is experiencing a significant rebound, with projected revenue expected to reach USD 1 billion by the end of March 2024. This optimistic outlook follows strong initial figures, with the first two months of the year already exceeding USD 710 million in receipts. This translates to an average monthly revenue of around USD 300 million, as confirmed by a Sri Lankan Tourism Development Authority official.

Furthermore, provisional data from the Central Bank indicates a positive trend in earnings per tourist. January 2024 saw a rise to USD 1,641 per tourist, compared to USD 1,580 in the first half of 2023. This upward trend contrasts with a significant drop in earnings per tourist during the second half of 2023. These combined factors paint a promising picture for Sri Lanka’s tourism industry, suggesting continued growth and recovery in the coming months. Visits to the North Western coast promise to be popular, with hotels in Marawila, Sri Lanka the likes of Amagi Beach Hotel preparing for a busy year ahead.