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Applying for Myanmar Tourist Visa Made Easy

Easing the process of reaching your five-star hotel in Yangon, Myanmar now allows tourists to apply for their visas online. Therefore, tourists can place their holiday bookings online at PARKROYAL Yangon without hesitation, while also using online platforms to apply for visas. The country’s electronic visa process is simple, and hassle-free and will not require any trips to the embassy.

A single-entry tourist visa to Myanmar allows travelers to tour around the country for a total of 28 days. By visiting the MyanmarVisa website, potential travelers will be able to apply for Myanmar Tourist eVisas, which will be sent via email to successful applicants within 5-10 business days. All steps pertaining to visa requirements, payment methods, applications, and regulations are stated on the aforementioned website for the convenience of international visitors hoping to visit the country.